Extreme Geisha Pictures

By | October 1, 2009

Bisazza Geisha AdvertIf the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority are to be believed the inset image is of a model “obviously in distress” and with the implication that “sexual violence” has “just happened” or “is about to happen”.


OK, well I don’t like any pictures that imply non-consenting activities of any sort. It’s just wrong. However I also think the ASA are wrong on that score. I say they extrapolated from a slightly odd look that could be down to lighting or camera angle and made a big deal out of it based on the rope bondage.

Sexual violence? Well I think that the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki was probably trying to be provocative when he shot this with the girl’s thighs exposed. But again the violence is derived from its association with the bondage and the two don’t have to go together.

A fine case of over vigorous censorship.

What I would say is that the picture shouldn’t have been published in the first place because I don’t think it’s very good. There is something about it that misses the mark for me, perhaps the pose is wrong and well, it doesn’t make it as an abstract image of a figurative piece.

That said, the tile company’s site is quite nice though LOL.

And if you want to read more about the story see here.