Never Enough Cock

By | October 2, 2009

GapeYes guys I’m still social networking and charting up quite a tally of male followers who think with their…you already know I don’t need to tell you. Lol I think I’m in to my second week of online socialisation and so much has happened.

I got myself an online cyber stalker who wants to do things to me but he can’t put them together in a comprehensible sentence. He wants to carry out many acts with me that are physically impossible over the Internet and keeps telling me I’m “sexy” until the point where I could scream. Lol

But today the anti was upped because he offered me his mobile number and not only that, he wasn’t the only one. Then I start getting pictures of hardons messaged to me, no text just an image of a guys groin.

Well, there was only one fitting response this afternoon when I was bored with receiving propositions…I replied “what do expect me to do with that”. Funnily enough, he didn’t contact me after that. One down…

Seriously, this place is like a sad evening for one in tinsel town. You get lots and lots of approach emails and to the public eye nothing, not even a comment on your ramblings and observations. These guys are back room predators waiting to leap on you and…

…show you there cock. Like I’ve never seen one before. Give me a break you idiots. Lol