Popping Her Six Times

By | October 2, 2009

GirlThe title of this post will become apparent when you read my review of our latest sex toy on SexToysBuzz.com in the next couple of days, so don’t worry about that. The toy I’ll be reviewing is very, very different and quite good. The good bit is its redeeming feature.

So many toys that come out at the moment fall into one of two categories, copies and too complicated. Copies you can understand. I mean leaving aside the small matter of intellectual copyright it’s far easier to copy someone else’s idea that actually use your ingenuity to create your own. And to be quite frank it does take a real flash of inspiration to come up with something that is really original.

Unfortunately some manufacturers substitute imagination with stupidly complex designs that are impractical, uncomfortable, ineffective or all of the above.

It’s like trying to interpret art too intellectually. Yes you can benefit from knowledge of an artist and the times they lived but if you take it too far the art stops soliciting the powerful reaction the artist wanted and becomes submerged under the interpretation.

OK, most sex toys aren’t art, but you know what I mean.