You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Mutual Masturbation

By | June 18, 2007

So you remember my last post where I just couldn’t say no?  Well I may have to reconsider next time.  Lol  What made me say “Yes of course we will have him for a couple of nights whilst you two have a weekend away”!  And I offered when I was sober for heavens sake.

Not that I don’t enjoy having little nephew, he is becoming more and more interesting by the day but also more and more tiring.  You can’t just sit a read to him or play with his toys, he is all over the place like a tiny whirlwind.  Lights on in living room, lights off in living room…run upstairs AND lights on in bedroom, lights off in bedroom.  We must have looked like a house of ill repute this weekend.  Lol

What is the bloody fascination with turning the lights on!

I love him but he is making me feel old but glad I opted for the soft fury option with a leg at each corner and a meow to welcome you.  🙂  Far less trouble, if dangerous when hugged.  Lol

We did several manic circuits around the house, opening cupboards, doors and drawers before finally settling down to catch our breath.  No correct that, I caught my breath and he was busy thinking up his next bought of mischief.  I put an end to his deadly deeds and ran a bath so that Alex could enjoy some quality time with him whilst I had a cup of tea.  I could have done with something stronger I cant tell you.

The cat almost packed his bags and left home.  He likes the attention but not being chased into his catflap.  🙂  I’m sure he tried to blag his way in to next door a couple of times but they have cats and they don’t like him much.  Don’t say anything but I think it is because his girlfriend is the only queen in the locality.  They are bloody jealous I can tell you.

After his bath, some warm milk and a bedtime story it was time to put little nephew to bed and pray that he settled down.  We turned off all the downstairs lights and put him down in the room next to us with some soft music playing of the portable CD player in his room.

Alex and I stripped naked and jumped in to bed.  Ok, so we fell in to bed.  We were so tired that it was all we could do to hold each others hand as we lay side by side.  As Alex started to relax his hand made it’s way to his cock and he began to gently and wistfully pull his foreskin back and forth.  I watched, I love to watch him work his own cock.

Too tired to do anything else, I reached over in to my bedside drawer and reached under my panties for my clit vibe which was hidden there for emergencies.  I’m glad nephew hadn’t been too thorough with his noseying.  🙂  I spat on my index and middle right fingers and moistened my clit with the saliva.  A token gesture really because the sight of Alex masturbating had me wet already.

I positioned the vibrating cup over my already receptive clit and pushed the button on the base of the vibe.  It felt good but I needed something a little more intense, I pressed the speed/setting button again.  That hit the spot!

Alex was now rhythmically working his cock with his head back on the pillow and eyes closed.  I watched him, like a naughty voyeur.  Savouring the visual treat as his cock stood proudly upright at 90 degrees to his body.  I shuffled my hips to gain better position and crossed my feet over at the ankle, pushing my buttocks together to intensify the neural stimulation.

I now moved the cup gently from one side of my clit to the other, gently rubbing the pink button as I went.  I pushed my left foot down on to the top of the right in a vice like grip of my buttocks as I felt the orgasm build in the bottom of my spine.  A moan escaped my lips, I had been deliberately quiet, trying not to raise the attention of the sleeping child in the next room.

Alex took a firm hold of my right forearm as I moved the clit vibe to achieve a greater sensation.  His stroke was now faster and he was starting to push his shoulders down in to the mattress, toes curled up towards the ceiling.  I sure sign he wasn’t far behind me.

This fuelled my passion and I started to come, my legs locked crossed over each other and I began to twitch uncontrollably as I came.  Alex turned to face me and gave me a look of a man in love as he continued to stroke his cock with his right hand.  Or was it a man who was close to orgasm?  Lol

I had peaked and the rapturous orgasm dissipated, leaving my body limp and sated.  For a moment I was floating blissfully around in a warm cloud of pleasure, then reality seeped in at the edge.  Alex was now very close, I could tell.  I reached for his left hand and took it in my right.  At that moment he flipped over on to his left side and a ribbon of his ejaculated cascaded down on to my abdomen.  Glistening in the tungsten light of the room.

It was quickly followed by another which shot over my left hip and on to the bed at the side of me.  Then, plip, plip, plip came successive batons of semen as they hit my lower abdomen and thighs.

With a carnal grunt the last of his seed hit me and then Alex rolled over on to his back, cock in hand and a relieved look on his face.  Where there is a will there is a way!  😉