Pissing In Public

By | October 4, 2009

AlexMy cold/flu/swine flu which seems to have taken me on a voyage of symptoms which are still hanging around in my third week. I can’t believe how long I seem to have been ill for, currently I am still battling with a chest infection and feeling constantly tired.

Alex faired slightly better than me, he on the whole seems to be leaving his illness behind. In an attempt to make ourselves feel better and take some fresh air we have taken to walking. I’m hoping it will help keep my chest moving and my cough productive so that I can see this blody thing off once and for all.

Our walk takes in some of the local countryside, with it’s bridal paths and walks to keep the walk interesting but not too difficult for someone who is getting breathless quite easily.

Today was a good day for walking, clear, intermitent sunshine and a good breeze to blow away the cobwebs. 🙂 I’m used to encountering the odd person and dog, local wildlife and children playing but today there was a new encounter thrown in.

I had just descended a set of steps which take you through fields when I became aware of a presence behind and to the side of me. It was a guy in jeans and a red mac stood with his back to me against some undergrowth.

For a moment I was taken a back, not expecting to find a guy peeing so close to a public footpath. You would have thought he would have taken himself off in to the undergrowth somewhere but no, he gets his cock out right next to a public footpath. Lol

I couldn’t resist taking a few steps forward and saying to Alex “did you see that guy taking a pee?” I’m betting his face matched his mac when he heard me. Lol

Alex took a pee the other day when we were out walking but at least he had the intelligence to go off in to some bushes. And I kept watch. That’s a point I wonder if the woman we passed on the steps with her dog was with him. Or did she pass him and wave? :0