What A Dirty English Bird

By | October 6, 2009

Rav WildingI caught up tonight on Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing. The strong winds made our satellite dish so dizzy we didn’t get much of a picture on our television that night. A real bugger when you want to watch something before you hear the results.

Usually the show has plenty of eye candy for the guys, a large helping from the dancers themselves and then the odd celebrity to bump up the numbers. Where as the female eye candy is somewhat lacking as none of the pros take my fancy, I have to rely on the participants. Lol

This year the male eye candy has been very thin on the ground, in fact it comes down to just one contender…the lovely Rav you see up there in the top left corner. Yum, he brings a lump to my throat, I wish I could reciprocate. 😉

I cringed tonight as I watched the dance off between Lynda Bellingham and Rav (don’t care about his surname, you know who he is lol). From the moment they were both selected to do the dance off I knew she had won.

Lynda BellinghamRav, bless his little cotton socks is a stiff as a board, not helped by the copious amount of hard muscle he is carrying around. He is FIT! And lets be honest, if it comes down to a woman and a man dancing the woman usually wins because she is more fluid and supple.

So, it was Rav’s time to go this week, I knew his days were numbered but he has provided me with some excellent letching material whilst he has been a part of the show.

Now we are stuck another week with Lynda, who bless her is lacking in movement too but has the backing of all those “Loose Women” fans out there.

Whilst searching for an image for this post I came across some very interesting images of Lynda. Looks like she has been hiding a secret. She appears to have done a bit of glamour work in her youth.

Yes, this pic is her. 🙂