Boobs Turn And Turn Around

By | October 6, 2009

Katie PriceI was reading back through some of our archives from a couple of years ago. I do so occasionally because it gives me an insight into our disposition at that point in time. It’s something I’ve never been able to do before this blog because although I started many diaries I’ve never been interested in keeping a journal until we started this blog.

One of the threads that did pop up was that I seem to be swinging like a pendulum with regard to my attitude towards Jordan (Katie Price). I never had much time for her, thinking she was just a big boobed air head. Then I saw her TV show and documentaries with Peter Andre and began to warm to her.

Since her break-up with Peter and the subsequent, apparently one-sided, mud slinging I now find her completely repulsive. Not for her private life but because of her shameless publicity seeking. It appears she will do or say anything for column inches. She seems a very unhappy woman.

Anyone else found their opinion towards people in the news has swung like this?