Hardcore Sex Action

By | October 8, 2009

Street PornEveryone experiences times when the sex in a relationship is good and times when it’s not so good or plain crap. Luckily for us the crap times are rare and for the most part its pretty good.

Lately though something odd has happened. Despite being under a huge amount of stress because of my work situation we’ve been having great sex, really great sex. I don’t know if it’s because the bedroom has been temporarily insulated from the troubles outside but things have just slotted into place and worked as well as I can ever remember, even in my randy, rampant youth.

Under the stress that I find myself and therefore Suze finds herself too you would have though our sex would have been muted, tainted by the worries and stress in our lives. Thankfully it hasn’t. It’s a huge bonus and of course stress reliever because the euphoria that accompanies not only great orgasms but the great sex that precedes them does help you cope.

I wonder why it is?

Coital bliss is a form of oblivion driven by endorphins, and natural chemical mood alteration is far more acceptable than seeking solace in the bottle or something stronger.

Stress is normally a killer for sex so I count us lucky that at our heads are in the right place to continue to enjoy it. It’s a free and legal high that helps you cope with the fuckwits that plague my daily life in the office.

The sex over the last few nights has been fantastic. Hard, long and vigorous with the accents and changes in pace throughout. It’s only when you get really into the groove that the normally good lovemaking transforms into something transcendent.

The night before last I had an orgasm that felt like a block of milky jade. Sorry for those of you that haven’t read me before, I am blessed with a condition called synaesthesia that means I see colours mingled with sensations. Orgasms are quite psychedelic.

The evening before that I came with such intensity that I felt like a car had hit me in the back of the head. The energy and excitement that I’m experiencing is quite sensational and Suze is the same. It’s great that we’re so in tune.

We might get thrown out of our room in the hotel when we’re in Berlin. Though with the number of porn stars stopping there next week I suspect we’ll be making less noise that some 😉