Cage Fighting Transvestites

By | October 9, 2009

Have you ever been out in the company of some loud mouthed yobs and wished they would just shut up, or have you been hassled by drunken louts while trying to enjoy and evening with friends? Maybe you have been sat in a restrauant in Portugal listening to a boorish self-important arsehole talk very loudly about how important he is, and how rich and how well connected within the golf club … and wanted someone to punch them in the face?

Well if you have you’ll love this video. It’s not gratuitously violent in my opinion because if two guys wants to walk down the street in drag then that’s fine by me. If they want to do it as a stunt for a stag night then that’s great. And if someone who had apparently been drinking very heavily earlier in the evening decides to start shouting insults at them then the drunken idiot deserves all he gets, in this cage discovering too late that the guys in drag are professional cage fighters.