Filth In Your Hands

By | October 10, 2009

WetI bought a PDA last week so I can load the information I have about the exhibitors at the Venus exhibition onto it and carry it around rather than have a heavy notepad.

I’ve been writing the little database application today since nephew left. It was only when I paused to think what I could load onto it to take with me that I realised that the device could hold al sorts of stuff. The last thing I would have thought to actually load onto it was porn because I bought it for a completely different reason.

However the adult industry is making noises to the effect that pornography delivered to your mobile is the next big thing. How about you guys out there. Do you already download pornography, do you want to? How much would you pay, because someone has to pay for the data and content production/licence costs?

I’d be interested to hear your views …