In Bed With Tiffany Tyler

By | October 10, 2009

Tiffany TylerYour site says you are currently living in CA but where were you born?

I was born in Sacramento, CA. I say basically born and raised there because my mom moved me around quite a bit, but my dad and grandparents stayed stable in Sac. Growing up I spent a bit of time in Burlington, VT.. Boston, MA and Las Vegas (where my mom, 2 of my half-sisters and step-dad still live). I went to Chico State north of Sac for 3 years, and then spent another year in Sac where I was dancing in San Francisco directly before I entered porn this past April which is when I made my move to LA originally in Hermosa Beach, but the valley has got me now).

Where would you choose to live other than LA?

I loooovvve LA, been so excited to have moved here. It depends on how the next ten years (which I plan to be in the industry for) pan out. Part of me never wants to leave LA, but maybe head back to the beach. The other part sees buying some property in the midwest or south and settling down with some horses (I rode all growing up) and possibly even kids and working a professional job in town. (I am going back to school part-time in the Spring and hope to earn my degree in the next decade in case I go this route, lol).

Do you have you any pets?

Yes. I have my beautiful little princess albino rat dog (commonly known as a Chihuahua) named Starry. I’ve had her since I was 18 and she has the most interesting personality. She will eat anything (including toenails), likes to cuddle, prefers my boyfriend to me (the traitor), can stand on her hind legs, has selective hearing and doesn’t like her feet wet so she has to be held in the shower with me (which she somehow loves) when she gets stinky.

I see you are a very busy girl, what are you currently working on and for which studio?

I work quite a bit for Penthouse. Absolutely love that studio. They take amazing care of the performers, always make me feel beautiful and have a crew of some of the sweetest people in porn. It feels like my extended family. I also am sooo lucky to call Richard Avery a friend (I actually call him my baby’s Daddy or just Daddy) and I will be the November grrl of the month on And of course, I’ve been busting ass getting ready to launch It’s gonna have a little bit of everything content-wise, lots of homemade vids from PG to XXX, blogs, audio messages, chat and weekly webcams, and direct email access to me (which, shhh… my email from the site is gonna be set up to forward directly to my phone… and I’m OCD. So you know you’ll get a prompt response haha).

What was your day job before working in adult industry?

I did everything. Most fast food, a lot of retail, a couple of receptionist jobs and then stripping at Gold Club in San Francisco.

Tiffany TylerHow did you find your way in to the adult entertainment industry, and when did you embark upon this move?

I wanted to move to LA, and I’m not being coy in interviews when I said it’s because of the rain. some call me the nicest girl in porn, but I am an asshole when it’s raining or I am cold. I need this weather. I put up an OMP profile thinking while I kept stripping I could do some promo girl modeling and found my way into a semi-shady agent who somehow got me a shoot with where I met Ahryan Astyn who pointed me in the direction of LA Direct Models. They’re a great agency and a perfect fit for my career goals… I couldn’t be happier.

Have you had the support of friends and family in your adult career?

Some have been very supportive, some have completely distanced themselves from me. This will undoubtedly be the most cliche thing I say, but some things really bring out the people who love and support the real you, just the way you are. This was one of those circumstances.

I was pleased to see you are bisexual, so if ever I find myself over in LA… 😉

I insist you stay with me… in my bed. I don’t allow clothes in my bed. 😉

Oooh, you’ve got me all excited now. I need to get saving for my trip.

Do you currently have a partner and if so are they in the industry?

Yes and yes. I’m gonna stay mum about the rest.

If you had to categorise yourself sexually would you say that you are predominantly Domme, sub or a switch? If you need any of these explaining feel free to stop by 😉

I’m predominantly sub, although porn has brought out an aggressive side in my girl/girl scenes. I still prefer to do these with an equally aggressive girl. Keep an eye out for a hot scene I shot last month with Sadie West.

I can be aggressive when required! 😉

Is there anyone in the adult industry who you aspire to or do you pretty much do your own thing?

I really admire Nikki Benz and the way she has handled and built her career.

Have you done any television work?

Nope, they won’t let me actually fuck the actors/actresses… boo!

LMAO, you dirty minx.

I read that you are a keen Hitchcock fan, would you like to star in a remake of a slasher flick. If so which one?

That would be unbelievably fun. While I love those films because of the psychological twists (which I’m not entirely sure could be authentically recaptured in a porn), I think someone could have a go at Psycho, I call dibs on Norman Bates mother. My favorite film however is Vertigo.

You are a brunette and I can’t help but notice that a lot of girls in the industry tend towards blonde, is it something you have considered or is Tiffany staying a brunette?

Tiffany is staying a brunette. I love my hair (its natural, no extensions).

I’m curious to know and also nosey, do you have any interesting tattoos or piercings you can tell me about?

Nothing too interesting. I have my belly button and ears pierced, the requisite slut stars on my hips and a Hebrew inscription down my neck. Actually, that’s a funny story. I researched the spelling and grammar to death to ensure it was correct. It means “one life to live”. What did not come up in my research was that tattoos are not exactly condoned in the Jewish faith (I am non-practicing), and that this was apparently a soap opera. In retrospect, my original intention of putting my favorite phrase “you only live once” there might have been less cheesy.

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