Plums And Plumbing

By | June 23, 2007

A short video introduction to this post by Alex.

Alex and I have been on holiday this week and despite the weather have had a great time indulging in each other.  Well, it’s turned cooler at nights and has barely stopped raining in days, so what is a couple to do?  😉

It’s been a really lazy week because of the weather, I did have planned to recover the garden from the weed patch it had become, for Alex to get up the ladder and clean the windows, I was even going to clean the car.  Steps back in amazement!  But all that has gone asunder, too bloody wet to do anything outside.

Got up this morning after a lie in and an early morning spooning which resulted in Alex shagging me from behind whilst cupping my breasts.  I love to wake with the time to do that, on the average work day it’s too much of a rush these days.

I folded up a wad of toilet paper and pushed it between my pussy lips to stem the flow of seeping semen.  Then climbed out of bed to head for the bathroom, waddling like a duck in an attempt not to let the toilet paper slip out from between my labia.

I turned on the tap and ran the water to air it, It ran and ran but still it was only tepid.  Not one drop of hot water came forth.  Alex came in to the bathroom to wash too and then realised that the heating and hot water had not come on.  He hurried downstairs to check the time clock and discovered there was a fault with the boiler.

By now my lips had stuck to the toilet paper and I carefully peeled it away pulling my labia as it detached from them.  I threw it down the toilet and gently peeled the remaining toilet tissue off myself.

We both washed off in almost cold water and made off for the plumbers merchants for spare parts.  The rain was pouring down by the time we pulled in to the car park at the plumbers and despite the fact I knew there probably would be a shop full of guys to ogle being a plumbers shop, I decided to wait in the car and keep dry.

Alex had been inside the shop for about 5 minutes when one of the shops employees popped himself half out of the shop door and proceeded to light up a cigarette.

Our car was parked to the left of the entrance and I couldn’t see Alex or anyone inside the shop but a few people left whilst he was having his smoke, so I guessed Alex may be some time.

The shop assistant was sporting a black cap with the name of the plumbers emblazoned on the peek, black trousers and a blue top with the plumbers logo on it.  He continued to smoke his cigarette and wandered over to the opposite side of the shop frontage, away from where we were parked.

Rain was streaming down the windscreen and distorted my view out of the front but the side window was clear.  I watched as the assistant backed up against the window and proceeded to drop his trousers.

My mouth must have been open and if there had been any flies around I’m sure I would have swallowed them.  lol  I couldn’t believe that he had dropped his trousers and I could clearly see his thick brown pubic hair above his waistband.

He clearly had no idea I was there and I watched with baited breath, hoping to see a little more of his equipment but he then pulled his trousers back up again.

Being the naughty person that I am, I wanted him to know I had just seen him mooning his colleagues.  I turned the key in the ignition, starting up the fan and he turned to see me sitting in the front seat of the car looking right at him.

I’m sure he started to blush as he quickly made his way back in to the shop.  🙂  Shortly afterwards Alex emerged from the shop, he hadn’t seen a thing but heard the guys talking about it.

Why oh why didn’t I take my phone with me, I could have captured the moment for you…it’s not every day shopping is that exciting.