Masturbation Does Make You Go Blind

By | October 12, 2009

Womens Hockey TeamRobin Williams once observed that it’s a pity that men don’t have enough blood in their body to use their dicks and their brains at the same time.

I think this picture may be the proof of that if any were needed. It’s supposed to be of the Bulgarian ice hockey team. It may the case, but if that’s so then why are they wearing the velour outfits and why are all except one of them wearing figure skates, not hockey skates.

Do I have a suspicious mind or did someone just line up a load of nice young ladies and stuck an unrelated story under the picture???

Of course it took me a moment to pick up on the boots. My first thought was to apply for a coaching job (including physio services) with the Bulgarian ice hockey team. Then I noticed that the image was actually labelled “Women playing hockey”. They obviously could only find once pair of hockey skates.