In Bed With Tiffany Tyler Part 2

By | October 11, 2009

Tiffany TylerYou can read the first part of this Interview here.

A little bird tells me you also have an addiction for Mexican food, do you cook or are we talking restaurant? 🙂

We are always talking restaurant if I’m talking about food. I say I am a horrendous cook, although the truth is that locked in a kitchen with no way out I would be just fine. I just hate the practice and pretty much refuse to do it.

I’m a great cook so why don’t you come over …

Can you tell us about your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

Oh, I have so many in such a short amount of time. I have neglected to push all my douche water out before my scene and ended up squirting it on my male performer… twice.

Where was the most unpleasant/uncomfortable place you’ve worked?

That honor is going to go to the three salon style hair-dryer chairs in a warehouse.. with a condom. Look for the hot, albeit massively uncomfortable scene, coming soon from Wicked and called Sex on the Set. I think it may have been the prettiest I’ve ever felt in a scene though.

What was the best/most enjoyable shoot you appeared in?

I love love love Penthouse. I can’t actually narrow which of the scenes I’ve done for them I’ve liked the best… they’re just an amazing company to work for altogether.

Do you have a soft spot for any of the male or female performers? Lol

Tiffany Tyler and Kerry LouiseOh, you know the answer to this. There is “the boy” who shall remain nameless, Danny Wylde because he did my first scene and is such a cool guy, my wife Kerry-Louise and my Canadian import Sadie Swede. I also am good friend with a solo girl named Jayden Cole who you will hear of because she also frequently graces Penthouse DVDs with her lovely (and ridiculously tall) presence.

Where’s the most exotic place you’ve done a shoot?

Nothing especially interesting comes to mind at the moment. I have had the opportunity to travel to Miami and Las Vegas to shoot. I guess I’ll go with the standard answer here… a bed.

What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

I get ready for work like any other girl, except I don’t have to do my hair or makeup because a makeup artist will do a much better job and I roll out the door in sweats. I have to have my venti soy non-fat vanilla latte, it’s the only thing I can think of worth being late for. I leave unnecessarily early because although my latte is worth it, I am a bit OCD and hate being late anywhere. I get my hair and makeup done on set, figure out wardrobe, take a set of pretty girl pictures… and then douche. There’s a romantic thought for you. I don’t do anal, so no preparation needed there. Then I’m ready for sex!

Is there anything you won’t engage in for example some performers don’t participate in anal?

I don’t do anal, and I strongly prefer that this extends in a one inch radius around my asshole. Please.

What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

I love this industry and what I do. My goal is to have a long and successful career. I would like to continue shooting sexy scenes for other companies, run a successful website that allows me to really interact personally with my fans and provide them the content they want to see and feature dance (I have to stay true to my dancer roots).

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

I want to stay in adult beyond my career in front of the camera, I just haven’t figured out my preference of how. It may be as a producer, photographer or possibly even an agencies accountant… but I’m in this industry to stay.

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

I am about ready to launch (aka my baby). Look for it in early November.

Which sites are you currently featured on?

I’m featured on Twisty’s, Naughty America, Brazzers, Porn Pros and Reality Kings.

Are there any directors or actors you would like to perform with?

I love all the new experiences I have had, sometimes from directors and performers I would not have originally thought of. I am dieing to work with Craven Moorehead and for Digital Playground and Bluebird Studios though. Harmony Films is way up on the list, as well.

If you were to offer advice to any budding pornstars reading this interview what would it be?

Take a business class or two, and then treat your career as such. If you are lucky enough to have the head to enter adult in the first place, than you can make more money at a younger age by doing something I’d assume everyone on the planet considers one of their favorite things to do… have fun, it should be. But there is a sunset clause as a performer, and nothing ever comes free and easy and that is especially important to remember in this industry.

There is one burning question I have to ask before I let you get on with partying. Have you been over to the UK to visit or are you planning on doing so?

I am definitely planning on doing so. I miss my wifey, lol. I just applied for my first passport and as soon as it arrives I am booking a trip.

We must meet up. 🙂

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Tiffany?

I think you have covered all the bases. But I am very open and try to be easily reachable so if anyone wants to contact me use Twitter, Myspace and Facebook constantly. Also, my website members will have access to my email.

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