Street Sex

By | October 12, 2009

Up SkirtIt’s not often we go in to the town centre these days. Long gone are the days when we do the pub crawl followed by a visit to whichever night club we all fancied going to. I like many people have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Not to say that I still don’t enjoy a good party and a dance but my days of hiking around the centre avoiding pavement deposits and people crashed out, semi conscious on the floor are gone. The thought of the human obstacle course do not inspire me to go out too often.

Nights in with good friends and a bottle of wine are far more of a lure these days. 🙂

So, Sunday evening was a change of seen for Alex and I. We had tickets to visit the local comedy club and watch the new comers get up on stage. Overall the acts were good and we laughed way too much. Something that we haven’t done for quite some time what with Alex’s current employment position.

It was enjoyable night out and one we will be repeating when funds allow. I think Venus is going to take some economic recovery time. 🙂

There were too highlights to the evening, obviously the wonderful time spent laughing our asses off and something I observed on the way home.

We noticed there were a lot of people wandering around with t-shirts sporting something we couldn’t quite read. There were also a lot of girls wearing short black skirts and white shirts. It could have been a school disco type of affair.

Nothing out of the ordinary I suppose as everyone seems to congregate in the town for stag and hen nights and everything in between.

But what did catch my eye is something I witnessed when we stopped at a set of traffic lights. I became aware of a girl in one of these short skirts with a guy wearing one of the white t-shirts in my peripheral vision.

They were embracing and kissing whilst walking along, nothing unusual or at least I thought so. The as we waited for the lights to change from red to green the action stepped up a notch. Bear in mind that we are on a main road here.

The kissing continued, tongues thrust down throats, deep in embrace. Then something unexpected happened, given the location. He proceeded to push his hand up under her short black skirt and well you can guess what he was doing.

All the while the girl continued to receive his advances in clear view to the public without a care. I must admit to feeling a little turned on at witnessing such an open sexual act but it was followed up by one of “are they aware that people can see exactly what is going on?”

Is this a sign of maturity on my part or is this a step too far in terms of sexual expression and freedom?