Fucking Her Soaking Pussy

By | October 12, 2009

Wet PantiesIf you’ve read Suze’s previous post about squirting you’ll know sex is incredibly good for us at the moment. Every thing about it is great, despite the increasing pressure we’re under.

The feeling when a woman squirts on you is something that every man ought to experience. It’s hugely gratifying and incredibly horny.

The rising excitement from your partner, in Suze’s case accompanied by her usual loud ululations of joy reaches a crescendo and is suddenly accompanied by a wetness in and around your entwined genitals and the distinctive aroma of female ejaculate.

The initial warmth on your exposed skin quickly cools through evaporation and you feel a cool wetness covering your balls and thighs.

As we’ve found that squirting happens for us when we do it in the missionary position Suze’s ass gets wet as the fluid runs down to cover the bed sheets. The thought and feel of the river of glistening liquid soaking her ass turns me on even more and I tend to roughly turn her over onto her side or into doggy position before bringing her to a more conventional orgasm a and then cumming myself.

Don’t ask me how sometimes it happens so frequently and other times it’s a rare event. Logic would tell you that this sort of accompaniment to wild and rampant sex would happen more often when you are relaxed. That’s hardly the case at the moment, stress is a constant accompaniment to everything.

Maybe it’s because we do find a momentary release and relief in sex from the shit we’re putting up with. Perhaps it’s the unleashing, the ripping open of the dam of pressure that leads to our rapturous floods of ecstasy – both literal and metaphorical floods. LOL