Wild Sex

By | October 13, 2009

Timber wolfJust when it seems that sex can’t get any better it does. We were, just for a change, at it last night, nothing special in the positions/techniques department, just doing the wild thing. Everything was going fine and very enjoyable as it usually is.

Then something came over me. I don’t know what it was but I went wild.

I could feel myself coming and drove into Suze (in doggy position) in such a frantic way that she squealed with delight. I came and pushed her forward with such powerful thrusts she was in danger of being pushed head first into the wall.

It didn’t stop there. I kept pounding, wilder and wilder pushing her forward and only avoiding causing her serious injury because I managed to restrain myself a little as I seemed to reach orgasm a second time and ejaculate again almost a minute after the first orgasm had ripped through me.

We need a bigger bed, or padded walls 🙂