Take A Look, Are My Boobs Bigger?

By | October 14, 2009

BoobsSome stories you read with scepticism but by the time you get to the end you change your mind completely. Not so with a story I just came across in today’s paper.

Mr Knight a stage hypnotist from Northallerton, North Yorkshire is claiming that he can help women to think themselves larger in the boob department. Yeah, ok!

He has released a CD which tells listeners that “your breast are growing…growing larger now”. Mr Knight or is that shite, claims that he can not only increase breast size by one or more cup sizes but firm up boobs and correct lopsidedness.

Fantastic, cancel the breast augmentation surgeon…

The BBC are just as sceptical and are showing a program about these unsubstantiated claims and showing just how easy it is to register yourself as a hypnotherapist.

I can see potential in that. lol