Stripped Bare

By | October 15, 2009

EyesI was in the process of preparing everything for our 3 day trip to Venus Berlin yesterday. I’ve made prioritised lists of who I want to see. Yes, I can be very organised. Lol Contemplated what I’m taking to wear, assuming that the weather is very much like over here at the moment and made arrangements for Alex’s parents to come over and take care of the cat whilst we are gone.

I can’t believe how many things there are to do when we are only going away for a few days. 🙂

During my morning break yesterday I was reading the news on the BBC website when I came across this story. It’s about a new scanner they are testing at Manchester airport.

They claim that it can do a full body scan which shows up body piercings, breast enlargements and a clear outline of your genitals.

I better ensure that we allow ourselves plenty of time so I can check out the images of our fellow passengers. 😉 It could be interesting.