Those Sexy German Girls

By | October 15, 2009

Suze's EyesWe were woken this morning by the alarm at the unearthly hour of three O’clock. It felt like our heads had only just hit the pillow for both of us but Suze hadn’t slept well as going to bed early doesn’t suit her and quite frankly we are both rather excited about being here.

The taxi got us to the airport in good time but the plane was about 30 minutes late.

When we got to the gate we were surprised that we weren’t directed to the normal gangway but to the tarmac. Suze’s face when we got outside was a picture. The jet we flew in for the first leg of our trip was a small Canadair Regional Jet 200. She had visions of turbulence and white knuckles.

However nothing could have been further from the truth. The takeoff, flight and landing where smooth and uneventful. The plane was less than half full so we didn’t feel cramped. The cabin crew were rather tasty too, one brunette and a valkyrie-like blonde. Both sehre schön 😉

I love Lufthansa.

I’ll tell you about the flight from Dusseldorf to Berlin later. And the new batch of cabin crew.

In Berlin we were shocked by the Taxi ride from the airport. I’d told Suze we were using a taxi as I wanted to get to the Hotel, settle down and have a rest because of the lack of sleep last night.

The Taxi shocked us for two reasons. 32 Euros for the fare and any number of high speed near misses on the Berlin ring road. Believe me, travelling at high speed in a Mercedes through concrete walled tunnels with a Tunisian psychopath at the wheel was not my idea of a safe ride. I think he was surprised I didn’t tip him.

Suze is getting ready for dinner so there’s just one thing to decide. Italian or Thai?