Intense Blow Job

By | October 18, 2009

Elliot Brown – Part 5

In the entrance hall of the governor’s office a small round beetle of a man scurried scarab like across the marble toward the reception desk. He peered at the young, nameless Barbie doll off a girl behind the counter, “You have a package for me.”

She opened her mouth to ask his name, but before she could utter the words he said “It’s Thompson, J Thompson”. She mutely handed over the UPS envelope, a pen and a receipt pad. Thompson scribbled his name on the pad and handed it back to the girl. Stopping only to give the slightest of nods to the girl he turned on his heels and walked briskly to the elevators. Envelope in hand and pen stowed in his jacket pocket he ascended to the thirty-ninth floor.


Louis Baker Governor of the city reviewed the contents of his desk. From here he controlled the last remnants of civilisation not relocated to the moon, Mars and beyond. The job had been good to him. As the population dwindled, bribing the remaining civil servants had become easier and therefore fixing the elections to ensure his extended tenure much less expensive. They were all desperate to gather the funds to move off-world and therefore easily “persuaded”.

As for his desk, he kept it clear. A few antiques on its tooled leather top, desk blotter, lamp, wooden in and out trays. He had no real duties to perform, his lackeys did that. But today his desk had a new ornament, young blonde, naked and eager to please. Her shaven pussy beckoned him. Slender legs draped over the edge or the ancient mahogany.

He unzipped himself, cock springing from his flies. “All hail the god of pharmaceuticals!” he thought as he approached her.


Elliot stood in the shadow of one of the great gothic buttresses of the governor’s office. Waiting.

His cell phone beeped a message alert. It was time. The security pad of the manhole cover at his feet chirped and flashed. The cover flipped open and Elliot dropped inside.


Louis waddled forward, pants now around his ankles. His cock nuzzled her labia. Finding her dry he spat on his hand and wet his glans. He slid into her unsteadily, shuffling forward and pulling her to the edge of the desk.

Liver spotted hands grasped at her spherical silicone breasts soliciting an “Ooooh”.

He began to slide in and out of her pussy. It began to moisten as she imagined the twenty year old fuck of her dreams ploughing into her.


Elliot walked calmly down empty corridors. Cameras blindly patrolled from high corners, their feeds bypassed by Jim and looped onto an endless uneventful recording. Elliot unscrewed the lift shaft access panel swung himself inside. He opened a junction box to his left and placed a small black box next to the mass of wiring.

He dialled a short number on his cell phone and waited. Thirty seconds later the lift car hurtled down the shaft, slowing to a stop one floor below him. He jumped on the roof, dialled another number and tried to enjoy the ride.


Panting and perspiring Louis pounded at his young companion like a geriatric jackhammer. Veins on his temples pulsed and threatened to burst. He skin became more parchment like with every thrust.

Like a prostrate cheerleader she urged him on. He liked that, amongst other things. This she could put up with, the other things, they really tested her resolve. But so what, she would have enough money soon and then … damn it girl concentrate, the old bastard needs a good show!

He pulled out of her, though it may have been more of a stagger caused by light-headedness than a conscious decision on his part. She slid off the desk, taking her opportunity. He liked head and this would make him blow quicker than yet another marathon session on her back.

Instead of the corrupt, loathsome example of humanity using her body for his pleasure she saw a dark haired muscular youth. Olive skin, deep brown eyes, cock like a baseball bat. He was stretching her, hitting the spot, making her wetter with every thrust. Teasing her with orgasm after orgasm, then letting her rest, allowing the waves of ecstasy to ebb before thrusting powerfully into her again.


The elevator stopped at the thirty-ninth floor. The doors opened, someone shuffled inside, then shuffled out again. Elliot dropped through the trapdoor in the roof as the doors closed.

He picked up the UPS envelope and emptied the contents onto the carpet. The pen slid onto the cell phone with quiet click. The barrel was unscrewed. Elliot forced himself to exhale then inhaled hard and deep through his nose. The small bullet hit the back of his throat, he coughed it into his hand and slid it into the weapon.

Elliot stood and selected the top floor.


The old man’s hands gripped her head, pulling her onto his chemically hardened cock. He began to come to the girl’s relief, she was gagging and not relishing Louis’s attention today. She had shoes to buy. Louis had screwed this city for his wealth and power, so buying a girl a few trinkets was not going to bankrupt him.

With his final “Aaaw Gaaawd!” Louis made his deposit in the girl’s throat, she did her best to look overjoyed. Not that Loius noticed, he was dizzy from his exertions.

Elliot Brown, removal man opened the office door and raised his weapon. “By the power invested in me by the city council and the authority of this removal order I declare you removed.”. Louis was silhouetted against the office window.

He pulled the trigger.

No! Something was wrong, either this guy jerked off in the office or someone else had removed his pants. The girl screamed as she stood up from behind the desk, cum still running down her chin.

The bullet entered her left eye socket, lodged in her anterior cortex, then exploded. Her headless corpse slumped to the floor leaving the open mouthed Louis covered in blood, soft tissue and bone.

Elliot dropped the weapon and it began to sublime, nanobots converting it’s structure to anonymous gasses before self destructing themselves.

Elliot ran. He had committed the worst crime a remover could commit. Removing the wrong human being.