Casual Sex

By | October 19, 2009

Chain mail Bikini, Venus Berlin 2009I was well prepared for Venus and everything that it could throw at me. Various people had expressly informed me that there would be lots of nudity and lewd behaviour and that I would probably never have encountered anything quite so in your face.

Well all I can say is they were right. But on the other hand nothing shocked me as I was anticipating before I flew over to Berlin.

The only thing that did was the weather, it was three days of dark skies, clouds and showers not the best way to see the country. And I must say the parts that we saw were a mixture of inner city tannament and industrial zones.

But we weren’t there for the weather or to admire the views…well, in a way I suppose we were. Lol From the moment you enter the concourse which divides the various halls you are teased by flashes of nudity and exhibitionism by both the exhibitors and public.

Our first encounter with a totally nude woman was upon entering the first hall. I can prove she was totally nude because she had her clit pierced and a landing strip of pubic hair. 🙂

There were various displays including pole dancing, posing and posturing for cameras all the way to full blown masturbation. Which incidentally you didn’t stand a chance of being able to see unless you were lucky enough to be at the front of the crowd of men holding up their cameras to capture the moment.

It was fairly obvious where the action was because a group of guys would be huddled round it. From time to time you encountered blockages between the halls in the thoroughfares where the girls had decided to give an ad hock show. It was quite amusing to see the men quite literally running to ensure they saw everything.

There were more women visitors than I expected, most of them arm in arm with their partners. And just in case you were beginning to feel a little guilty for being senior in years and still sexually active, there was one old guy there with a stick and he must have been in his early eighties if he was a day. 😉

Which only goes to show, you are never too old to enjoy sex and sexuality. I totally enjoyed the experience, meeting new contacts and old ones too. I better start saving to go next year now. 🙂