Sex Twice Before Dinner

By | October 19, 2009

BasqueArriving back from Berlin exhausted we took to our bed to catch up with sleep and slept quite late this morning. Waking up together in a warm bed with no commitments had a pretty predictable effect.

We made love in the sort of slow and unhurried way that only a Sunday Morning feeling can allow. Yes I know it wasn’t Sunday, it just felt like it. It was the sort of sex that happens, each moment flowing from one to the next naturally and culminating in a satisfying exchange of bodily fluids.

We went out for lunch and returned feeling over-stuffed and sleepy again. Bad move to go to our local pub.

On our return we slid into bed again and our libidos overtook the fatigue to deliver a slightly more varied and vigorous fuck than earlier. After licking long and deep at Suze pussy I slid inside her velvety hole feeling her legs lift either side of me, higher with each thrust.

I slipped myself out of her and straddled her , cock squeezed between her boobs. I intended to use her own wetness to fuck her boobs but Suze kept sucking me into her mouth flicking me with her tongue, sucking and licking her own fluids from me. I could have happily cum there in her mouth, and Suze seems eager to oblige but I slid down her body again and raised her legs, pinning them back with my arms so they nearly reached her shoulders.

Suze tugged at her nipples until she made herself moaned and with her face contorted in pleasure I came into her up-turned pussy.

Afterwards we promised each other five minute snooze … The “five minute” snooze turned into a couple of hours and here I am at five thirty telling you all about it.

I really must get some work done today.