This Much Sex Is not For Everyone

By | October 20, 2009

Venus Berlin Protest SignWhen In Berlin we were confronted by a sign as we entered the Venus exhibition hall.

I translates as :

“[Will this cause] the next adultery! Perhaps also for the next rape? Or for the next child abusing?”

Germany is a democratic country, just like the UK. Free speech is a right not a privilege so despite the fact that the banner was questioning the existence of the show, everyone’s motives for visiting and the effects it might have I was in fact rather glad to see the dissent.

Without dissent there can be no debate and without debate we can be too sure of our own opinions.

I don’t agree that this sort of show encourages abuse of women or the breakdown of relationships. What it does do for most people is encourage openness and communication. That can only be a good thing.

Yes there are people who have issues with how they treat sex and their sexual partners but an erotic show will not create a child molester or a rapist, or even adulterer for that matter. Properly regulated adult entertainment is not going to make sexual deviancy worse – but unregulated porn would and such material would abound if we ever made hardcore illegal again.

I hope the guys with the placards are there next year, expressing their opinion and ensuring that there is a diversity of outlook and an active debate about what is and is acceptable and healthy when it comes to sex and sexuality.