Fucking With Two

By | October 20, 2009

Pulling HAirThe Estrel hotel which we spent the four days of our visit in is a very nice hotel with a huge atrium containing lots of eateries for you to choose from. We favoured the inexpensive cuisine which was to be found in the Italian restaurant which made great pasta and pizza for a reasonable price. Remember we were doing the trip on a budget.

You will see from the pics Alex took that our room was ample in size but lacked a good view, in fact all aspects of the hotel didn’t really present a picturesque view. There simply wasn’t one to be found but as we were spending the majority of our time in the hotel and at the show it didn’t really matter.

One thing they don’t do which irked me was bathsheets. Instead you have to try and get your body and hair, which in my case is long, all dried on one towel which was double the size of a hand towel. You could get more if you asked and other things like a bathrobe but I didn’t dare ask in case they put it on the bill. Lol

The bathroom was a reasonable size and had the standard fittings along with an excellent shower which I wish I could have brought back with me because ours is crap. 🙂 There was also a strange closet which contained a deep stainless steel sink and a fridge with the pay through the nose beverages inside.

We popped out to Lidl and purchased a few bottles of wine, beer and water to avoid the costs in the mini bar. The only problem was that two of the bottles we bought had corks not screw tops and we couldn’t find a corkscrew anywhere. I should imagine the hotel cleaners will have had a good night on those.

But the most frustrating and annoying aspect of our stay were the “beds”, yes I did say beds. We requested a double room which in Berlin terms translates to two single beds pushed together. You may be saying well that’s not too bad. But they weren’t locked together in anyway and parted whilst you were doing the do creating a crevasse to fall through. Additionally the beds had separate single quilts.

I think they were part of the hotel’s strategy to suppress cliental from shagging during their stay. You know us, it takes a lot to stop the action at chez AlexSuze. Lol In the end it became a sexual challenge for us to be able to do the do, what with the parting of the beds and the springing of the mattress creating a roll which can only be equalled by a small boat on a turbulent ocean.

Needless to say we are happy to be sleeping in our own bed once more but I do miss the naughty daytime action which I had become used to. 😉