Wax On Wax Off!

By | July 2, 2007

Hot Wax by ~ProtoZoo on deviantART

I have been toying with the idea of wax play for a while now.  This is based on just how much I enjoyed playing with wax from candles when I was a child.  My friends parents had an old Anderson shelter at the bottom of their garden, a relic of the war.

We would disappear down to the bottom of her garden which wasn’t used and allowed to go to fallow.  The shelter was above ground and had a makeshift door with a small triangular hole cut out of it for keeping watch.

Many happy hours were spent in there homebuilding and playing at mummies and daddies.  We made it quite comfortable with folding chairs and a small table for standing “The Candle” on.

We used the candle for light of course and cooking.  My friend was given an old frying pan by her mother, from what I can remember it was so battered that it probably wouldn’t sit properly on a hob.  I’m not sure if she hadn’t used it to clout her husband with when he rolled in late from the pub.  Lol.

I would take eggs round and we would sit and fry them in lard (I know we weren’t as health conscious then).  They were the best tasting eggs you could get locally.  🙂

That shelter holds many fond thoughts and comforting memories.  I would escape there when I was upset or in trouble with my parents for some misdemeanour.  It was a place of comfort and retreat and the candle symbolised warmth and comfort.

After we ate our eggs we would play with the candle wax.  I would hold the burning candle high above my hand and let the hot wax fall onto my open palm.  By the time it hit my flesh the wax was almost warm.  I loved to watch it run over my hand and solidify it strands. 

I have no idea why I enjoyed playing with the wax, the only explanation I can find is that I thought that the warmth on my skin was comforting, embracing.  Does that make sense?

The final enjoyable stage to my early wax play was peeling it off my skin once it had taken form.  I felt a sense of release as my flesh was once again allowed to breath.  Each wax strip was engrained with the lines of my epidermis.  I liked to study the strips and look at the network of fine lines traced on to the recently molten wax.

I’m smiling as I type this in on my PC because it really does hold some warm and comforting memories for me.  And I think this it the reason why I want to indulge in some adult wax play with Alex.

I have been reading up a little on the subject and it seems the best wax for beginners anyway, is paraffin wax.  The reason being that this wax melts at a lower temperature than other waxes and won’t be as inclined to burn.  I’m not wanting to experience the pain aspect of wax play but it’s caressing warmth.

Articles I have read suggest that coloured or perfumed candles should be avoided as these tend to burn at a higher temperature.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.

So now I turn to you dear readers for you advice on which wax would be best for me to use.  I would like to use coloured wax because I want to take some images to post for you to share with us afterwards and coloured wax would look so much better than white.

Also I haven’t managed to locate a wax play stockist in the UK, so if anyone could point me at a site that I could order some candles from that would be great.  In my attempt to find a UK supplier I came across this http://www.waxhoff.com/, it’s a great stress reliever!  🙂