Sex Scandals And Porn For The Boys

By | October 21, 2009

The newspaper Pravda or “The Truth” in Russian provided me with a little giggle tonight. Before I explain why let me explain my opinion of Paul McCartney. Don’t worry it’ll all become clear in a minute. LOL

I believe that between them Paul, John, George and Ringo penned some of the most memorable and important songs of the last century. They changed the direction of music and influenced virtually every artist that came after them. For that they have my respect and admiration.

Then Paul formed wings and went rapidly down hill. I would be very happy if he would just live happily ever after with his millions and stop torturing my ears with the occasional release that gets air-play these days. So Paul in the 1960s = amazing, Sir Paul in the 21st century really needs to retire quietly.

Sir Paul does demonstrate that a celebrity can command world-wide media attention across half a century and when a journalist needs copy they can wring a weak and insubstantial story out of anything. Take this article in Pravda.

So, Paul may have shagged groupies? Wow!

He may have played the field. Amazing.

The first woman he had a long term relationship with wasn’t the one he married. I’m shocked, not.

I’m not having a go at Pravda here, but all journos who have a deadline and find themselves without copy. Constructing a sex scandal (and in this case a non-sex scandal) from snippets anyone could find by typing “Paul McCartney” into Google is pretty lame but happens all the time.

Sex sells newspapers and gets viewers to tune in when there’s nothing else on the TV. A work colleague of mine was skimming through the channels the other night and came across a programme called “porn week”, it’s not the most inventive of formats as you can tell from the title, but he watched in the absence of anything else and remarked on it the day after at work. He hadn’t sought it out but even a smidgen on softcore titillation and innuendo was enough to capture his attention in the absence of anything of substance being transmitted.

Actually it was rather amusing. His words were to the effect that ” … it had this bloke called Ben Dover in it … have you heard of him?” to which I had to reply I had. However I didn’t mention that he’d been at last year’s adult trade show we attended in Birmingham where he paid rather a lot of attention to Suze …