There Are Times When Bisexual Is Really Good!

By | October 21, 2009

Venus BoysThe reason for this statement is that at Venus 99.9% of the wares on show are female. Shame really considering that quite a high quota of women do attend. Yes, that does include me.

There was a distinct lack of male totty. If you are in to Twinks then you would be OK with the odd one here and there but nothing distinctly female orientated. I consider this to be a bit of an oversight as more and more females become liberated and crave male stimulation.

Times have changed and women now want to be part of the porn revolution. I’m not sure just how many women watch porn but I will proudly hold my hand up and say that females aren’t adequately represented out there in the adult world.

Some may masquerade as being female oriented but when you watch what they produce it really isn’t. It’s the same old come on the tits or face productions. And lets be honest girls, we don’t get off on having our faces or tits covered in come in the stereo typical format of most films.

I would love for someone to just give me the opportunity to produce a film and show them what we women really want. It’s not Barbara Cartland meets Chatsworth CA but horny female who knows what she wants. 😉

Moving on. I’m bisexual so I had the advantage of appreciating Venus from that aspect but if I was a hetro woman I may have a totally different vision. It is female dominated and totally male driven so most of the shows are for males only. But Suze enjoyed that because it appealed to her domme side. 😉

Therefore I probably got more out of the side shows than most women. I’m such a lucky girl. And if there are any porn producers out there who want to work with me just drop me a line I already have a cast in my head and it includes the lovely Jason Romer. 😉