By | October 22, 2009

Gay MediaAfter a while at Venus you begin to get used to approaching people on the stands and explaining exactly what you do for a living, it comes so naturally that I’m sure by the end of the three days I must have been doing it in my sleep. Lol

It usually takes a few minutes for the person on the stand to grasp what it is you do and what you could do for them. After that point, it becomes easier and more of a two way exchange of information.

I’m not a natural sales person and it takes me a while to get my sales legs but when I do I can schmooze with the best of them. I don’t like the hard sell, never have, it gets my hackles up and takes me a while to relax with someone who is head on. I much prefer the softer persuasive technique.

Usually you find that the majority of people haven’t heard of you and need to be enlightened as to how you can work with them. Which is why when on a particular American lady (you know who you are) on a stand who uses my reviews on their website recognised me I was quite taken aback.

Not only did she recognise me from my video reviews she was so excited that she actually started jumping up and down and clapping her hands whilst exclaiming “Suze, it’s Suze!”. I now have an idea what it feels like to be famous. Lol

That one moment made my day. 🙂