By | July 3, 2007

The sound of her high heels hitting the hard floor of the hallway seemed unnaturally loud in the dead of night. She’d already turned off the torch she’d brought with her, its bobbing light sure to attract the attentions of the security guard who made irregular patrols of the grounds.

She paused, slipped off her shoes and continued to the MD’s office, nylon clad feet padding almost silently on the cold floor. She fumbled with the pass key she had “borrowed” from the cleaners before sliding it into the lock. Her heart raced. She tried to calm herself “There are no cameras, the bastard is too tight to buy them. The guard will be too busy rushing back for a cuppa to make more than a cursory inspection of the building from the outside …”

It didn’t slow her heart, though it was at that point, as she began to open the door and cross the threshold into the lavishly decorated office that she realised … She was enjoying the thrill of it. The adrenalin, the feeling of dread at being caught and the devastating consequences that would have on her career and reputation. The ends justified the means and the means themselves were an exciting, intoxicating ride like none she’d experienced.

She gently closed the door and smiled to herself, enjoying the soft carpet cushioning her feet and becoming aware of a familiar tingling between her legs. “You dirty cow!” she thought, breaking and entering is getting you horny.

“Come on girl” she said out loud “You have work to do.”

The password was easy, she’d heard the IT manager scoffing that the MD never changed it. She typed in “sesame” and was relieved as Jeremy’s desktop began to appear.

Two hours of searching through spreadsheets turned up nothing. She was feeling utterly dejected, he was at least fiddling his expenses, she’d seen him amending records, and probably more besides. He must have the really incriminating records on his laptop. Damn. She consoled herself by checking his browser history. The history was missing, so he had been up to something, probably a little gentleman’s relish at lunch.

Finally she skimmed through “My Pictures”, the usual array of email circulated joke images.

Her finger hovered over the mouse button, the pointer over “Shutdown”. A thought nudged her, “My Movies”. Click, click, click. “Oh My God!” she exclaimed. The folder was full of files, the thumbs showing a lot of flesh.

She played one, a ten second teaser from a “Barely Legal” site. Another, “Big Naturals”, lots of jiggling.

She knew Jeremy was a man of simple tastes, he liked dim-witted decorative women, both in his bed and his workplace. Though strictly speaking it wasn’t his workplace as the business was started with his in-laws money. He had fallen on his feet with Annabel. Her parents were self-made millionaires successful in almost everything. Their daughter’s stunning good looks, matched only by her stunning stupidity. Jeremy had successfully persuaded her to marry him, much to the relief of her parents, and in so doing set himself up.

Sadly for Annabel, Jeremy’s attention span was akin to that of the average goldfish and, soon bored of her, began to recruit a succession of air-heads onto the payroll. He’d mistaken Dawn for such an easy lay, a misapprehension she dispelled at the Christmas party a few weeks later. He’d been chatting to her with a familiarity and boorishness that she had initially attributed to a festive over-indulgence in alcohol. When she excused herself to visit the ladies room he had followed her and, in a dimly lit corridor, attempted to press her against a wall. Faced with Jeremy’s wandering hands she had grabbed his arm, twisted the palm backwards and using only his thumb for leverage forced him, whimpering, to the floor. “I’m very flattered” she had told him “But you’re married and no means NO!”

After that the “glass ceiling” had been installed above her, sniggers at the water cooler replacing the previously friendly greetings. What rumours had the little toad been spreading? According to a couple of her colleagues who paid no heed to his spiteful attacks the whispering campaign was usual for any female staff member who refused his advances.

Dawn watched the third movie file with increasing interest. A young girl’s head was bobbing up and down on an anonymous cock while kneeling astride its owner on a table. She had reddish brown hair, somewhat like Dawn’s, though shorter. Dawn had no trouble putting herself in the girl’s position, something she always tried to do when masturbating to porn.

And Dawn realised that was exactly what she was now doing. Her hand had slid between her legs, pushing her warm, moist panties to one side. Her juices must have already saturated the inside of her skirt, she was dripping with them. The combination of the excitement of the break-in and the skin-flick was a thrilling fairground ride that had no equal in her previous experience.

The girl slid up the man’s body, guiding his semi-rigid member into her wet pussy. She had been fluffing him! Well, it did look like an amateur movie. Static camera angle, poor quality and bad lighting. He didn’t seem to be up to the job, but Dawn continued to enjoy herself, drinking in the sight of the rather cute young girl rubbing herself to orgasm while trying to wank the owner of the less than cooperative cock into something approaching an erection.

Dawn could see and hear that the girl was approaching her climax and matched her stroke for stroke. It was at times like this that Dawn was thankful she kept her nails short for typing. Her fingers were sliding across her swollen clitoris and smoothly into her soft opening on a river of deliciously aromatic fluid.

Dawn tasted her fingers, indulging in the taste, enjoying her own essence. Her hand quickly returned to her crotch, the other hand pinching her own nipples through her blouse and lacey bra. Dawn’s chest heaved, a golden warmth grew inside her, spreading from her sex. They came together, Dawn and “Virtual Girl”. Virtual Girl’s partner came too, semi-rigid cock spewing forth several spurts of thick white cum onto the tabletop. The girl dismounted, slightly dejected.

The man’s voice could be heard saying “Sorry about that I must be tired ..”,  just before the blurred, but unmistakeable face of Jeremy appeared in front of the camera. The movie ended.

Dawn laughed, savouring the moment. Her fingers glistening with her own juices she slid the memory stick into the slot on the PC. The files took a moment to copy.

She selected the file to email. Click.

TO: ? EVERYONE. Click.

Defer send to: 09:30. Click.

Task scheduler enabled.

Carefully retrieving her memory stick and shutting down the PC Dawn left the offices to dream of Jeremy’s morning surprise. But before she went to bed she created a new YouTube account in Jeremy’s name and uploaded one file. Why should the people in the office be the only ones to see his home movie? And anyway, it could kick-start him a new career as a porn star …