Hard Fuck Fetish And Ponies

By | October 23, 2009

Pony TaxiLooking For Kink …

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was expecting to be shocked by what I saw at Venus but I wasn’t at all, I’m not sure if that is in part down to the fact that I view porn every day. Whatever the reason it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the whole event.

Something which did disappoint me slightly was the Fetish hall. I was really looking forward to looking around and we both decided to cover it on the second day so that we had lots of time to wander round.

When we got inside it was only about half full of stands and therefore there wasn’t as much to see as we hoped. There were some redeeming features though. The dungeon equipment supplier there had some beautifully crafted pieces of equipment which I think were made from oak.

As you would expect they had a hefty price tag but if you have a pro dungeon then they would make their money back over time and service you well. I was particularly taken with the designer cage they had. 😉

Another fascinating aspect were the cart pulling ponies. The male one in particular looked very good in his hooves and horse mask. Alex took several pictures so you will get to see more of him and the cart.

Most of the equipment and paraphernalia I’ve seen before but the manacles were something else. They were made of solid steel and weighed a tonne. Any slave having to wear one of the collars for a length of time would have problems with chaffing but I suppose it is all part of the experience of serving one’s master.

Not for me a little too hardcore but a very interesting hall to visit. 😉