Feet First, Walking In Michael’s Shoes

By | February 13, 2006

Our regular readers will have read my first article relating to foot fetishism. This entry was supported by a fellow blogger Feetman78, who published an article relating to the subject on his site.

I also approached Pied Michael and asked him if he would like to make a contribution and he came to the fore. He has emailed me this wonderful story which he wrote and used to masturbate to.

Here is what he said:

“This story, based on a real person at work, never failed to make me come, and probably gets closest to the sort of fantasy that I will use while masturbating. As you will be aware, fantasies always have to get better, with more detail pushing the boundaries further, if they are to remain fresh and work as fantasies. So many years ago, my fantasies would have been much simpler. I remember early on, just thinking about a pretty girl and the shoes she was wearing would be enough to turn me on. This then developed through fantasies where I would be caught by a girl walking in unexpectedly whilst I was licking her shoe, or later, masturbating with her shoe to my face. Other fantasies would be, ostensibly unknown to myself, of being watched masturbating by a girl as I held her shoe.

So without further a do, here is Michael’s story. When you have read this perhaps you would like to go over to his site and show your appreciation.

Angela came to the meeting. She has wonderful legs, and they looked very attractive this morning in the black tights that she wears. I looked at her shoes, and they were gorgeous, made of black, matt leather. The front is squarish on top of a low platform, the heel is probably two and a half inches high, neither chunky nor narrow, perhaps an inch and a quarter wide. From above, looking down the length of her leg, her foot enters the shoe attractively, with the round part of the front and the sides of the shoe encasing it comfortably. Parts of the edge of the shoe show whiter against the black leather and her black tights. Because of the height of the heel, they plunge quite steeply down to the front, where the low platform sole holds a black front that covers her toes. Her instep is accentuated by the shape of the shoe, and I imagined her sitting there, after the meeting, with her feet placed squarely on the floor while she instructed me to pour some clear water out of a jug into the instep of her shoe.

Keep pouring, Chris, there’s not much in there yet – I want to feel the water between my toes. It’s only run along the bottom so far. That’s better; I can feel it cold between my toes now. Just slow down a bit’.

I poured more slowly, watching the water run into the space between the black tights covering her instep and the edge of the shoe running steeply from her ankle to where it turned over the top of her toes. The light now caught a glint of where the water had risen up to the level of the edge of her shoe, and I could imagine that Angela’s toes were now completely submerged in the water inside her shoe. I stopped pouring.

I think your shoe is full now’ I said.

Angela said Yes, I think so. Let’s see if I can wriggle my toes’. She did so, and the front of her shoe moved slightly, and the water came up higher against the edge of her shoe, but did not run over. It feels funny between my toes – cold compared to how warm my toes were before, but it’s warming up. Shall I see if I can run the water to the back of my shoe?’

I nodded, and Angela slowly lifted the front of her shoe whilst keeping the heel on the floor, and as she did this, very slowly, I could see the water move inside her shoe up the inside towards her heel. Again non spilled out, until she had the toe of her shoe about three inches off the ground, when her foot was then about horizontal, and the water was resting from her heel to the front fleshy part of her foot. She slowly dropped the front of her shoe down and the water ran back to her toes.

It’s completely warmed up now’ she said, I can’t feel that it is any colder this time, although I can tell it’s running around my toes again. What do you want to do now, Chris?’ she asked.

Can I drink it?’ I said.

Do you want me to take the shoe off or do you want to try and drink it from the shoe with my foot still in it?’

Let’s try that’ I said.

Can you get down as low as you can, and I’ll try and bring my foot up to your mouth’ she said.

I knelt on the floor by the table and Angela stood and lifted her foot carefully onto the low table first, and then pulled a chair behind her so that she could sit on the arm. Placing her hand on my shoulder to steady herself, she lifted her foot and brought her instep towards my mouth. She rested the edge of the shoe below her instep against my lips to initially steady herself, and then tipped her foot slightly towards me. My mouth was open over the edge of the shoe, with my bottom lip resting against the black leather of the shoe, and my top lip pressed against the black material of her tights over her foot, which felt taught yet soft. A little water from her shoe came into my mouth, and I pressed my mouth a little closer and sucked in the water, which was now body-heat warm from her foot, and tasted a little of that typical tights taste, and a little of salt. She turned her foot over slightly more, so that more of the front of her shoe appeared an inch before my eyes and more of the warm foot-scented liquid came into my mouth.

How is it?’ she asked, Does it taste nice?’

It’s wonderful’ I replied. It’s warm and it tastes wonderful’.

It’s warm because it’s been between my toes. I can feel it running through them, on its way into your mouth. Is that a nice thought, Chris? This water has run between my toes and look, if I wriggle them (she wriggles her toes and a small surge of water came into my mouth), it cleans out all the bits in between, for you to take into your mouth and taste, and swallow. Do you like the idea of having the taste of my feet and my toes inside you?’

I nodded. Angela straightened up her foot, and pulled away from my mouth. I don’t think we can get any more out that way. I’m going to take my shoe off for you to drink the rest straight from it.’ She put her foot back on the floor and held the heel of it with her hand. Slowly she took her foot from the shoe, her toes in their black tights appearing wet from inside the shoe. She rested this foot on her other shoe, keeping her toes off the ground. We’ll come back to my foot in a minute’ she said. She picked up her shoe and got hold of the front, bringing the heel round towards my face. She rested the top of the heel against my lower lip, and started to tip the shoe up so that the water left in it started to run from the toe end to the heel. I could see her eyes glancing at the shoe and looking into mine as she did this. The water ran with a last few rivulets into the heel, about one third of a glass full. She continued lifting the shoe until it ran over into my mouth and I drank it greedily. Again it was warm and tasted of her foot and tights. She watched me as I drank one mouthful and then another, and as she was draining the last mouthful into my mouth she said What can you taste of my foot in it?’ I swallowed the last drops and said that I could taste the salt of her foot and toes, and the tights taste, and a slightly edgy taste that must also have come from her sweat.

She said I want you to lick my toes clean. Tell me if these tastes are any different’. She put her shoe down, and lifted her foot up until her toes were just in front of my mouth. I opened my lips and she pushed her big toe and next two into my mouth, across the top of my tongue. I could feel the seam of her tights across my tongue, and also the pressure of her three toes, the big toe far larger than the other two. I closed my lips around her toes and sucked in the dampness from her tights. Her toes shifted very slightly as I did this, and I extracted some moisture into my mouth from her tights. This tasted similar to that from her shoe except that it had a slightly more tights taste. She tugged slightly so that I opened my mouth and she removed her toes. Did that taste different?’ she asked. I told her it tasted slightly more of tights.

I’m just going to take off my tights’ she said. Look over there’. I did so, and when she asked me to turn back, she had her tights only on one leg, and her damp foot was bare. Now try sucking my toes without tights’ she said. Her toes were beautiful, the big toe slightly longer than the rest, but all pretty, delicate and pink. I brought my mouth towards her, and she again pushed the first three toes into my mouth. I sucked on them but this time I could push my tongue between her toes, and mop up the remaining dampness from between them. This tasted far more strongly of her foot, with no tights taste, and as I pushed between her smaller toes the taste increased. More salty, with more subtle flavours as in a good cheese, made this exploration very exciting. I shifted my mouth along her toes, dropping the big one out at one side and taking in her three smallest toes. A push was needed to get my tongue between her smallest toe and the next, and I could feel the edge of her toenail running along my tongue as it crept between them. The little explosion of taste, what had before been hinted at, was here in all its glory – salty and subtle yet strong. I licked the spaces between her toes clean, while she responded, perhaps because my tongue was tickling her, by moving them slightly, squeezing my tongue or moving over it.

Does that tickle?’ I asked. Yes, but it’s a nice feeling. I could have that for an hour; she said. How does that taste?’

I told her my impressions and she said If you enjoyed that, what about this?’ and she put her bare foot on the floor, held the heel of her other shoe, and took it off her other foot, and then took of the rest of her tights which were on her calf. She immediately put this foot in front of my mouth. This foot had not been in the water, nothing had been washed off it, and it was straight from her shoe – warm, and in its natural state. I could actually feel the warmth of it reflected against my face, and as it was naturally damp from its recent liberation from her constricting footwear, a warm, damp, and heady aroma came to my nostrils half an inch away. I breathed in slowly and deeply, resting my nose slowly on the cleavage of her toes, and enjoyed this rare aroma of freshly released toes. I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and gently encircled the three middle toes with my lips, resting my tongue momentarily in the under-cave below her toes. Her toes felt damp on my lips – I could feel the sweat drying cold on my lips, and the fresh aroma was in my nose – as I ran a tentative tongue along the underside of her toes. These toes had been encased in that shoe for some hours, had basked in the tights and had dampened with her sweat as they had moved about as she walked and they had warmed up. They were as warm, slightly warmer, than the inside of my mouth, and as I licked the dampness from them, and the taste – stronger than anything I had tasted yet – they made my tongue tingle with the flavours, and as I pushed up between her toes where dampness turned to a slippery wetness, I could have almost come on the spot. This wetness I greedily licked and sucked up, taking the sweat from Angela’s body, the glistening tastes from between her toes, onto my tongue where I could savour it, and swallowing it into my body. And as I tasted these intimate areas of her foot, I was aware of my lips encircling her toes, of my nose less than an inch above the cleavage of her foot, and of her leg stretching into the distance, where Angela’s eyes were watching me suck the juices from between her toes, a soft smile on her lips. You’re enjoying that!’ she said.