Alesha Dixon Likes Ass Action

By | October 25, 2009

Golden ArseJust been watching the latest instalment of Strictly Come Dancing (The original version of what everyone else in the world knows as “Dancing With The Stars”). A comment was made during the judge’s assessment of the performances that Phil Tuffnel, ex England cricketer, was good at shaking his booty; One judge, Bruno, remarking that he knew how to shake his “arse”.

Tess Daley, co-presenter of the show apologised a few minutes later about the use of the word “Arse” before the watershed of 21:00. What Tess didn’t apologise for was Alesha Dixon’s comment that “we all like a bit of ass action”. Funny that cos everyone on the show picked up on it at the time but it wasn’t remarked upon.

Does the BBC have a secret anal sex promotion agenda? LOL

More likely I suspect they decided not to mention that particular double entendré as apologising for it would imply they recognised the unintended meaning and well, that would have dug them one hell of a hole to get out of.