Fucking Hard And Hurting Her

By | October 26, 2009

boobsSex is good, really good. A silly statement? No.

Sex when it works can be so intense that there are no words to describe it. Good begins to do the job of explaining how it feels, but if you actually try to explain really great sex it becomes impossible. Despite a command of the English language that I regard as more than adequate, explaining the feelings that course through my body when things are going really well between me and Suze is an impossible task.

Tonight was one of those occasions. We were making love and everything just fell into place. She enjoyed a long and enthusiastic licking from me and I fucked her until we were both writhing and growling with passion.

It was only afterwards that I reconstructed the events and realised that my hard, grasping hands had pulled her back onto my cock with such force that she screamed. At the same time I thrust into her with such force that the combined and opposing forces must have left bruises on her shoulders from my grasping fingers.

The pleasure and the pain merged together in a way that only spontaneous and great sex can achieve.