Screaming Orgasm To Satisfying Sex Biz

By | October 26, 2009

Shower SexThere’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve got a lot of work done. Except perhaps getting a lot of work done and it’s all been about sex!

We’ve spent today driving ahead with jobs like following up Venus contacts, tweaking sites that have needed attention for a while and writing naughty copy. Of course it’s a treadmill like any other job, but one with lots of tits and arse.

Back to reality in a couple of days when I have to drag myself back into the day job and become immersed in the exciting financial services industry systems again (yawn).

I can’t say the adult industry has quite the same sparkle as it used to have. It’s exchanged it initial exciting buzz for a thoroughly enjoyable feeling that accompanies everything we do. It presents challenges as great as any other business but makes them ones you want to rise to.