Spit And Tit Wanks

By | October 26, 2009

Titty WankWe are busily making our way through our mountain of porn DVD’s, there are over 21 hours of action for us to watch and review. 😉 The things we have to do for our readers.

There is quite a range of variety. I’ll let you in to a little secret, we have everything ranging from milf porn to ladyboys, not quite my thing but you have to experience things before you decide if you like them. Lol

Tonights viewing was your standard LA porn with lots of cock sucking which does become tedious after a while but that’s what fast forward is for on your remote and old hacks getting off with young nubile girls. Erm, not exactly what a girl wants to watch. Where are all the young male pornstars hiding? Sigh.

This DVD had a rather unusual practice though, maybe even a fetish not sure. Tit spitting. Lots of girls spitting on their tits and rubbing it around making mid climax sounds. I don’t quite understand why but it obviously got them off.

I think sometimes porn becomes a bit of a parody. For example one girl was actually moaning undoing her waspie. I’m prepared to accept a little showboating but it can be bit silly. I know we aren’t talking Shakespeare here but please pay attention.

Right, now off to see if spitting on my boobs makes me come, see you later. 😉