Big Breasted Private Show Girl

By | October 27, 2009

Big BoobsRead this story and you could come away with one of two impressions.

Either this girl has been subjected to an offensive and inappropriate piece of behaviour by an employee of a well known company or she’s lying through her teeth and the newspaper have published the story anyway.

It shows just how difficult it is for a consumer of the media to divine which is the truth and which pieces of information are lies.

If it were not for the fact that the company say that they have not received a complaint about this alleged note I would suggest that “Matthew” was an alias used by a lecherous employee to mask their identity. That and the fact that the customer says they were offered vouchers, yet refused them leaves a bit of a hole in this story.

Badly reported, disingenuous company or contrived story sold to a newspaper? Even The Sun didn’t summarise the content of the piece in a closing paragraph, preferring to let the reader make up their own mind.