Sex On Twitter

By | October 28, 2009

Secretary LegsTwitter is a complete phenomenon.

In the beginnings there were chat rooms and message boards.

Then there was MySpace, then FaceBook, now Twitter.

Each generation of social networking site increased the accessibility, ease of use and therefore popularity and reach of online communities. Somewhere in there was Blogging, continuing serenely on as these social networks developed. This has been great for the development of news gathering by the population, communication with friends and the creation of new marketing channels for businesses.

Like all new media the sex biz has started to use social networking including Twitter, and so have horny individuals. So if you want to find sex online then you can tweet but the stoccatto nature of the sub 200 character messages always makes me think that sex talk on Twitter is the virtual equivalent of the withdrawal method of contraception.

So do you guys Twitter and what for?