Did You Just Say Dogging?

By | October 28, 2009

Naked ManAlex and I took a trip out to meet a couple of customers today and popped in to a large adult store on our way. We frequent our local store to keep abreast of the stock they have and see if there is anything that we would like to test.

But today was about business and we got the chance to have a very good chat with the manager of the store for market research purposes. It’s good to know what the general public are buying and the trends in taste.

The store was one of the most varied in terms of supplies and clientele, selling everything to every sexual persuasion you could think of. It was a veritable sexual cornucopia.

I was particularly interested in the viewing habits of the cliental and it seems that there are quite a few hot topics and DVD houses which sell well. Alex and I at one point were discussing this with a guy (I’m not making this up) wearing a beige mac busying himself with the DVD’s.

The conversation moved on and I asked “Is dogging still popular?”, our host didn’t bat an eyelid at this question being an open and honest sexual being. However the guy in the raincoat dropped a couple of DVD’s on to the floor just as I made my enquiry.

Naughty of me I know but I had to smile and try to regain my posture for the reply to my question. For some reason despite making his presence known the guy insisted on standing around listening to our conversation whilst thumbing through DVD’s. Then when we went downstairs he followed us. Lol

Maybe he enjoyed what he considered to be a bit of dirty talk I’m not sure. Lol We had a good day and I hope it will reap its rewards.

You will be the first to know. 🙂