Sexual Vices

By | October 29, 2009

Girl On A ChairI’ve said this before but swinger site has nothing on the innocent looking social networking sites out there. On the outside they are all warm and friendly, non-sexual and polite but seething beneath is a hot torrent of lust and sexual services.

There you are openly chatting with your friends about this and that and behind the scenes you are being sent proposition emails. 😉 If I had been a hotwife or cuckolded girl I would have had no problems copping off with someone by now.

Thing is I love to play online but that is as far as it goes. I’m not saying that I’m not open to the possibility of bringing a “third” in to our relationship, far from it. I’m a bi girl at heart and the possibilities are endless for me but it has to be the right person. I don’t just give it away to anyone, if you know what I mean. Lol

Strange but all the propositions have been from men, now let me see what have I been offered…

Pictures of his dick, like I’ve never seen one before. In exchange for pics of me.
To have dinner with no strings attached
Cyber sex using a webcam
Phone sex, got several mobile numbers
Asked to be a “third”
Asked to drive and meet up half way between our homes

I think that just about covers most of the propositions I have been lucky to receive, I’ll keep you posted.