Naked Breast Stroke

By | October 29, 2009

Suze Silver BraI love swimming have done since I was little and visited the swimming baths at least once a week with my friends for some water sport. Ooohps! I should perhaps rephrase that. Lol

And more recently I have revisited the idea of regular swimming as exercise with Alex. We kept it up for quite some time as regular exercise to get us up off our asses which we sat on all day. But one bought of cold and you know how it is, you feel ill and under the weather and before you know it your routine and exercise goes out of the window.

I’m still determined to get back on track. I may be more inclined if there were more events like this one being held on the weekend of 6-8th of November at Rugby in Warwickshire. It’s the International Naturist Federations swimming gala.

I’ve always fancied swimming naked in a pool in the hot sun in some exotic climb. I suppose that Rugby in the UK is a far cry from the Maldives for example but I’m sure it will be an enjoyable event.

If you interested in getting involved because they are still looking for competitors, visit the site here.