I Fancy A Nibble

By | July 8, 2007

I’ve now located a good sandwich shop near to my place of work but unfortunately in a less desirable neighbourhood.  They do some really good food to the local works, hearty and tasty.  I’m the only one who goes out daily for lunch in our office and the others stay behind and eat lettuce leaves, only to find themselves hungry and having to go to the vending machine to buy crisps and chocolate mid afternoon.  🙂

It’s hilarious, they go on about the small lunch they have just eaten and within minutes announce that they are still hungry.  I just can’t see the logic in eating something which would just about satisfy a gerbil, to find that minutes later you are still hungry.  Meanwhile I have been out and eaten a wholesome sandwich and return to decline their offers of chocolate or sweets.  Aren’t I good they retort.  Lol

Seriously, I need to get out at lunch even if I don’t have a fiddle with myself.  Just to get a break from the office and the inane chat about diets.  I usually purchase my food and then eat it in the car which I park on a nearby housing estate with slightly dubious tenants.  I kid you not, I have been sat in the car with the window open and gone back to work slightly stoned from second hand cannabis smoke.  Passive toking.  Lol

I’m now beginning to wonder if there could be a few working ladies nearby as the locals and passers by are staring in to the car when they walk past.  Perhaps they think I am doing a bit of work on the side.  😉  I actually had a car pass by three times on Friday, checking out my intentions as I ate my sandwich.  It may have had something to do with the way I deep throated my French. 

It all adds up to being a lot more exciting than sitting in the office with the rest of them and I could make some money on the side.  😉  Strange really when you think, a man can sit and eat a sandwich in his vehicle without anyone batting an eyelid…but if a woman does it then they must be up to something.

I digress…what I really meant to say was that I walked in to the Snack Bar on Friday and got a pleasant surprise.  Yes, it was full of the usual dirty sweaty shop floor guys but I spotted a rose amongst the thorns.  Over the greasy hair of a oil stained guy I spotted her.  She was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt, cut low and revealing a lovely ample bosom and tight blue jeans.

Refocusing my eyes I looked up at her face, a beautiful heart shaped one with pale complexion and the most captivating blue/green eyes, perfectly accentuated by a thin black line of kohl.

Her hair was shoulder length, straightened…highlighted mid brown to blonde but not a brassy colour.  Slim and a few inches shorter than me, I would say around 5′ 4″.  Cute, pretty and certainly worth one!  Then it hit me…she must have been about 10 years younger than me.  Guilt kicked in, followed by,  “you would though wouldn’t you?”  And naughty as it may be to admit it, yes I would if she wanted to.

I suppose I could be called a dirty old lady but I prefer naughty!  😉