Girls In Sexy Lingerie

By | October 31, 2009

Red Club DressI’ve lost track of whether it’s politically correct to say so but I like girls in sexy lingerie. I get the feeling that a few years ago it would have been frowned upon by certain groups of women for being demeaning to their sisters in the struggle against male domination and lecherousness.

However I genuinely believe the world has come full circle and now women can take charge of their own destiny and sexuality. Sexy lingerie is no longer seen as a symbol of men dictating to women what they should wear to be attractive, quite the opposite. It is now women who are choosing underwear that is both provocative and underlines the power of their sexuality.

That’s part of the change that has happened when it comes to buying lingerie as far as women are concerned. Women are buying lingerie for themselves, either as separates – when they spot a pair of knickers that makes them feel naughty, or lingerie sets that appeal to them they are thinking about how it makes them feel and the power it will exert over us men, not thinking if we will like it in the first instance.

Let’s face it though, everyone wants to be wanted, male or female so at some point during your purchase of a piece on lingerie you are going to start considering how it will look to your partner and how you will look in it.

Quality sexy lingerie is available from many outlets and is practical and durable, in contrast to the lacy and poorly made items that were once sold. It is as common for women to wear seductive lingerie day to day as it is for a special occasion or for a night of passion. It’s not that they feel they might want to rip off their clothes at the slightest provocation and jump on some fit guy’s bones, it’s because it makes them feel good.

Now if they want to jump on my bones unexpectedly during the day … you’ll not find me putting up a struggle, LOL.

One place where women have always worn their best and sexiest clothing is when they go out at night, from dance halls to night clubs sexy underwear or as it has now become, clubwear, is made for those women on the prowl. And we guys love to be hunted by a self-assured woman in gorgeous underwear.

Finding the right sizes in the styles you want is a bit of a lottery when it comes to shopping in the high street unfortunately. No shop, especially those who stock the range and specialised nature of sexy lingerie that women demand these days can carry every combination of size, style and colour to suite every woman. That’s where buying lingerie online comes into its own. With next day delivery and the ability to cover a larger range than is possible in a physical shop you can take advantage of the benefits of online shopping more easily than ever and save money at the same time.

This store has a lot of sexy nightwear to choose from. However the section that caught my eye (maybe it is the Halloween season) was the adult costumes. I’m a sucker for a women in a naughty costume, yes I’m a man of very simple tastes and a sexy French maid gets me every time.