Fucking Like The Wind

By | November 1, 2009

Bronze WinkyAlex and I looked after little nephew over night Friday and took him out for the day on Saturday. We decided he was now old enough for a little culture and took him to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Despite the weather threatening the potential of rain we took the bold step of saying “fuck it, lets get out”. We’re so glad we did to it was well worth the drive, so much to see and the outdoor pieces set in the most wonderful Yorkshire countryside. Even the sheep can get up to the structures.

We took him back home for dinner and decided against cooking, we were both too knackered after looking after the little one and waling miles around the country estate. So we purchased a curry from the supermarket on the way back and simply pushed it in to the oven. Lazy but easy.

By the time we both finished dinner Strictly Ballroom was about to start. We grabbed a couple of glasses and made our way upstairs to watch it in the bedroom. Both of us needing to chill out after the long hard week and looking after little nephew.

About three quarters through the show I started to get a little bit of my energy levels back and consequently felt a little bit randy. 😉 I reached under the covers and fumbled about in Alex’s boxer shorts until I reached my goal.

I began to work on his cock through the flies in his boxer shorts. Somehow it just feels more dirty doing it through clothing, don’t you think?

Not wanting to bring him to full hardness before the end of the show I slowly worked his cock, attempting to get the timing spot on so he could fuck me senseless as the show went off. It failed. Alex was hard a little too early and I had to gently play with him, keeping him excited and interested but not too much or he would come in his underwear.

Then the curry kicked in and I could feel my stomach rolling and then my bowel started to howl as the spices took their effect on me. I didn’t think too much about it until the titles scrolled up screen and I pulled up my t-shirt, taking my favourite position in front of him on all fours.

As I pointed my ass towards Alex’s thick, hard, bouncing cock I could feel the gasses build up pressure in my colon.

All the way through a very hard and carefully managed fucking I fought back the urge to let nature take its course and let rip the loudest force. I don’t know how I managed to keep it in, every time his hips collided with my buttocks and bounced me I could feel the pressure rise and my sphincter working overtime to keep it in.

Fortunately I succeeded, right up to the point that I threw myself against the mattress post coitus and with my suppression off guard it just crept out. I immediately started to laugh partly out of relief and caused another one to follow.

Alex made some kind of whitty remark that I can’t remember now, I’m sure he can enlighten you.

It is better out than in as they say, just not during sex. Lol