Outdoor Cock

By | November 1, 2009

Seated Bronze ManAlex and I spent part of the weekend looking after little nephew. We talk about him often here because he brings us both a little separation from the harsh realities of the shit we have going on around us at the moment and he makes us laugh frequently.

The weekend promised to be wet, windy and not at all hospitable to outdoor activities which is why we were so surprised when we rose from bed on Saturday morning to blue skies. We decided to get ourselves out for what could be one of the last few good days for outside activity.

As mentioned in my post the other day we decided to head for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with both indoor and outdoor exhibits we thought it would be a good way to enjoy the fresh air and some culture at the same time.

We love taking little nephew to new places to see how he responds and enjoy watching him learn, he’s like a little sponge soaking up information and knowledge all the time. So we knew he would enjoy being able to run around and touch some of the exhibits. Kids can’t resist touching as I’m sure most of you know. 🙂

I think one of the most endearing things about young children is their ability not to be impressed and to find alternative interest. Let me explain. We were walking around the wooded area checking out the totem-esque work in metal. Alex and I were looking at them and wondering if it was quite to our taste and little nephew is scrambling about at the base of one of them.

What is he doing? Not admiring the works from a different angle…he was collecting ladybirds. We adults didn’t notice them but he had and delighted in collecting them in his hands. Lol

But he saved the best till last. We were walking along the path when we came upon a bronze of a seated male. This male was naked and I thought no more of it, after all I’m looking at cocks most of the day. 🙂

Little nephew says to me “I can see his winkie”. Trying to make light of it and not draw attention to the statues obvious naked state I told him that he had one and it was nothing special. He just laughed.

Don’t you just love kids.