November Is Good For Squirting And Watersports

By | November 2, 2009

Wet PantiesLong term readers will already be aware without me telling you that Alex and I are in to a bit of watersport. I love to watch him pee and the dark damp patch which appears on the front of his boxers expand. Oooh, it’s making me go all goose bumpy. 😉

Likewise Alex likes to watch me wet myself and the white cotton of my panties becoming transparent with every drop which flows from me. I like to feel the comforting warmth as my own urine flows and runs down my thighs.

Alex is also very good at making me squirt. The last time this happened I soaked the bed in a large area around me and had to sleep on a thick towel over night.

We also like to frolic in oil, there is nothing to compare with massaging oil in to each other using our own bodies. Then slipping around and up and down each other, it’s so intimate and arousing but very difficult when it comes the fucking.

The reason why we will be indulging in all of the above this month. Well, I’ll let you in to a little secret…we will be testing an aid which will help us play without restraint.

Watch this space. 😉