I Just Can’t Resist And I Know I Should

By | July 9, 2007

Every year I say that I won’t watch Big Brother and make the fatal mistake of just taking a look and then before you know it you’re hooked.  Lol  I recon that Endemol must be sending subliminal messages out through the screen telling me and others to watch.

In fact, I said that I would not be blogging about it and look what I’m doing!  Up to now I think this year’s has been the least captivating with the housemates being as dull as dishwater, with the exception of Gerry who brings enlightenment and intelligence from time to time. 

The girls have been very disappointing in terms of being eye candy or at all interesting, in fact they have done nothing positive for the blonde fraternity.  For some reason the male housemates never seem to be the type that get my juices flowing and in previous shows I have found the females more attractive and beddable.  😉

I did have hope that Ziggy would turn out to be a fanny teaser but I must admit that I find him annoying.  So I have been watching on and add hoc basis just to keep up with the story lines and to see if anyone has punched Charlie in the face.  For those who haven’t been watching, she is the most irritating gob shite I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

That was the situation until Sunday…they put a new girl in there by the name of Thaila Zucchi, she is a British actress pretending to be from the Australian house and called Pauline.  She is, in a nutshell, …gorgeous! 

There I go again looking at younger girls, what’s got in to me.  First I’m eyeing up girls in the local sandwich shop near work and now brunettes on television.  I think it’s about time I found a girlfriend, don’t you think?   Women are certainly doing it for me lately.  😉

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