Special Delivery – Masturbation

By | November 4, 2009

Masturbation GoldI have been awaiting a delivery from Holland for the past week and was concerned that it may not get to me with the strikes which are taking place by the Royal Mail. To give you a little teaser, it’s a new improved version of something I reviewed quite some time ago.

The prospect of new toys being delivered to the door always gets me excited. 😉 Most of them come via white van man these days, which is good because they don’t seem to endure the parcel football which seems to take place with the Royal Mail.

Case in point. I was in the bathroom getting ready this morning when The Rammer (our postman, called this because he has a habit of ramming things in to the postbox) knocked on the door.

I quickly spat out my toothpaste and started to make my way downstairs. By the time I got on the third step he had managed to ram my package through the postbox. It was my long awaited toy from Holland.

Much to my dismay and slight embarrassment the box it had been sent in was ripped from one end to the other and my toy could be seen quite easily. To secure the box the postman had wrapped a red rubber band around it but you could still see in and there was no accompanying paperwork.

Thankfully the toy and batteries were contained within plastic packaging so were there in one piece but I discovered via email that a couple of accessories had been lost en-route.

I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to face The Rammer next time I see him, I’m so glad I didn’t get downstairs in time for him to hand it to me. Lol

Now to test if it works…

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