Golden Showers

By | November 4, 2009

TummyI wrote the other day just how much Alex and I enjoy a bit of kinky watersports. We both love it when I squirt which usually results in me having to lay on the wetspot all night. 😉 That’s a point, why does he always make me squirt when I’m on my side of the bed. Lol

Although I like to watch Alex wetting himself as the material of his boxers cling to him and become transparent. I do draw the line at watching people in public toilets, unlike the guy in this story I just read.

Joseph David Ramon Moreaux, aged 28 from Lancaster, USA installed a camera in the bathroom at his Christian Bookstore. He was arrested by Simi Valley Police Department after a shopper told them that she had spotted what she thought was a recording device in the store’s bathroom.

Police found the camera secreted amongst boxes in the corner of the bathroom which was utilised by both male and female customers.

He couldn’t deny he himself had installed it because he had recorded himself installing it when he left the camera on.

Was he intending to start selling DVD’s LOL