Fucking Someone Else’s Wife

By | November 5, 2009

Caught OutI can’t speak from experience but having an affair must be a combination of excitement and fear. Fear of being discovered either by the husband or wife, after all an affair is usually clandestine because you don’t want the other party being privy to your unfaithfulness.

For whatever reason you make the decision not to be open about your feelings for each other, it could be just a little bit of fun to break the monotony of an otherwise uneventful marriage or you may have developed strong feelings for the other person and need to be sure that you aren’t just acting on impulse.

Whatever the background to this story it tickled me and the picture above is priceless. Lol

Sun Meng aged 25 was almost caught in the act by a married woman’s husband and fled through their flat window in Chengdu, Central China.

His escape was caught on film by a shocked neighbour who then posted the pictures up on a community website. So now the images of Sun standing on an air conditioning unit outside the first floor flat have been seen by his local community.

How embarrassing is that. He claims that his family are ashamed and none of his neighbours are talking to him.

A true case of being caught with your trousers down. Lol